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Dr. Jose Mathew Residence

The design of this 4000 sq ft residential building caters from the client’s requirement to have a house that stays uninfluenced by the varying climatic conditions.A plan was conceived such that the interior spaces get ample sunlight, without heating up the building. The roof over the top floor is pitched to act as an attic buffer and abate hot and humid temperatures. To enhance natural cooling, air gaps are provided between the roof and the roof slab. To shade the ground floor against direct exposure to the sun and to augment visual interest, a pergola has been erected with creepers trailing over it. The profusion of natural light, the lay of the rooms, etc. speak for our belief in designing meaningful structures that offer both functional utility and aesthetic superiority. Brick tiles are used for the façade to give natural insulation to the building. The earthy combination of brick tiles and the grey pitched roof, lend colour, character and longevity to the structure.